Flat Roofs

High Performance Torch applied three layer cold & warm flat roof systems. An Insurance backed Warranty Scheme of up to 25 years covers the above roof systems.

Advantages of Torch applied roof can be laid at minus 20°C and are of a traditional appearance.

Anyone can buy roofing felt from a Builder’s merchant but only a good roofing contractor can fix it securely and neatly. Because we know roofs, we are the only people to trust when replacing, repairing or adding a new flat roof.

Our experience in the industry enables us to cope with all types of flat roofs, from old traditional felt roofs to the modern lightweight structures of today. That means you can be confident that the correct roofing system will be used on your roof at all times.

Our experience lies in using complete roofing systems, from the primer and bonding bitumen, right through to the insulation and roofing membrames. Specialist Systems we can deal with include:-

  • Systems to withstand high wind uplift
  • Roofing membrane systems which can be installed without the need of a bitumen boiler or named flame
  • Roofs which have intermediate or heavy traffic
  • Schemes which eliminate the condensation risk
  • Cut to fall insulation schemes
  • Corrugated roofs
  • Liquid applied systems
  • Roofing systems designed to meet the customer’s price and performance requirements

As part of our service to our customers we can offer guarantees on many of our roofing systems. At present there are a number of different guarantee schemes that you may see offered by various roofing contractors:

  • Insurance backed guarantees issued at the point of purchase
  • Manufacturer backed guarantees
  • We can offer a Combined Manufacturer and Insurance Backed Material and Labour Guarantee in conjunction with Danosa.

These guarantees have the benefit of combining the advantages of all of the above schemes, with many backers covering your guarantee. We cover the labour and the manufacturer covers the materials and the workmanship. The length of the guarantee varies with the roofing system purchased and range up to 20 years.